Feeling unworthy? Here’s a magic potion for you

Have you ever felt unworthy or under-confident? Be it at school,work or social gatherings. That feeling of being less capable than the one in front of you ?

Well, if it’s a honest Yes, Congratulations, you are on the right path to your growth! And also a big Jadoo ki Jhappi from me, since we are on the same boat!

No wonder, this is one of the not-so-good feelings that leaves us doubting ourselves and our capabilities. And there could be many factors that can ignite this feeling.

You may find a classmate who is too intelligent and always showing off the “inherent Einstein’s DNA” or simply a colleague who makes you feel dumb about yourself by laughing at you in a group or finding opportunities of taunting you. Could also be a case where you come across a so called sophisticated human species who has in-built X Rays to examine your head to toe attire at a party.

You then feel disgusted about yourself that you don’t match up to the level of that individual. This feeling of disgust can simply eat you & your confidence up, if not taken seriously.

Well, I am not here to offer any magic potion like “Boost is the secret of our energy” that boosts up your confidence. Here I am sharing a few mantras that should help the readers come out of such situations. Before you proceed, it is advised to make a note of the below.

Disclaimer : Tips shared in this column are based on personal experiences of the writer. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.

Rule : “These mantras will work ONLY if you apply them INSTANTLY i.e. when you experience such a feeling. You are not allowed to apply them later or after the event is over”. If you swear to abide by this rule, then proceed. And if not, “Toh thik hai. Free advice hai, leni hai toh lo, warna jaane do”.

1. The foremost thing is to be Aware and Accept that you are not feeling good about yourself, whatever the reason may be. That is when you actually will own the power to be able to do something about it.

2. The next step is to take a deep breath. And say to yourself RELAX, RELAX, RELAX.

3. Depending on the situation, you can take a two-minute break and leave the group or the situation you are in. Just go to a place where you can find a mirror or simply, use the front camera of your phone yaar (Ajkal toh ye readily available option hai).

4. Now look yourself in the mirror/camera. There can be 2 cases :

  1. You will laugh at yourself thinking how stupid you are, to be worrying so much Or
  2. You will shed a few tears and turn your back to the mirror/camera

So if the first one happens, you will feel better by simply laughing off and bouncing back to the situation but if unfortunately, the second one happens, here is what you need to do more.

5. Call the one you are very close to and simply cry out your feeling. And if the person you are calling happens to be your Best friend, you definitely will end up laughing and abusing that person in the group who “you think has landed you in this feeling”!Yes, you read that right. Nobody in this world has the power to make you feel bad about yourself, unless you give them the liberty to do so!

6. If step 5 doesn’t work, then simply send a message to that close one. Tension dena ka, lena ka ni. Now that one will worry how to calm you down and make you feel better. Isn’t it interesting?

If you notice, it’s all about releasing the toxic and negative energies inside you. And once that’s done, you are Back to Square One, my friend.

These mantras have definitely helped me bounce back with zeal and confidence. Hope this helps you too! Happy Sharing 🙂


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