When Mountains call to teach you

Hola readers!

After a week long & much needed break with endless efforts to pull myself out of Manali trance, I am back to square one!

This week’s bit revolves around my personal experience on visiting Manali and the invaluable lessons it taught me. Before you read on, trust me, it’s no gyaan I am throwing but a handful ‘free advices’. Leni hai toh lo, warna jaane do.

We (I, along with five other travellers) started our 16 hour long journey when the world slept only to turn the tables later. When monkeys filled the roads, we knew that mountains weren’t too far. With each passing hour, our fatigue increased inversely proportional to the miles yet to be covered.

A moment came where everyone was dead tired with swollen bums but helpless. And then nature gave us it’s first glimpse of what was in store for us in our entire trip.

RAINS sucked our exhaustion and feeded our souls with a new level of energy. The droplets on the car’s windshield and windows had something special to convey. Amidst the rains, we noticed an unusual natural phenomenon. A part of the mountain range had a yellow shade while others were lush green.


See the picture above and you will notice a rainbow along the sunlight, as if a special spotlight on that mountain. This spectacular view revived us and we looked forward to the rest of the journey.

The next day was an exploring one. I along with my cousins, picked our bags and stepped out of the hotel with no particular destination in mind. We simply walked, stopped at best spots to capture our happiness mixed with excitement and admired nature.

That is when I learnt my first lesson from MOUNTAINS.


Their firmness inspired me. No matter how much the surroundings change, we should strive to be our true self. Another thing to learn is to be firm towards righteousness, a quality most of us lack. We must keep our values deep-rooted which in turn would help us grow as big as a mountain.

While we walked, we stopped by the river Beas. We walked down the rocky slope only to treat our eyes with the electrifying flow of the river. We sat on the rocks and dipped our feet in the chilly cold river.


This brings me to the second lesson learnt from WATER.

The above click clearly depicts that inspite of the rocky path, nothing could stop the river from moving ahead. That is the key. We gotta be Unstoppable. Working endlessly and performing daily chores, we often lose ourselves to life and forget our dreams. Once we decide to strive for success, the size of the rocks obstructing our paths won’t matter.

Zyada ho gaya? To make it easier for you to absorb such heavy lessons, let me share what we did next.

After experiencing the heavenly beauty of Beas, we crossed bridges and reached Manali market. An ideal space for tourists who want to roam freely without non stop car hootings. One can find a variety of self-woven woollens here.

To feed our hungry bellies, we stopped by a cafe called The Corner House to have amazing burgers and pasta. The special thing about this cafe was that it offered different board games for the guests and we got nostalgic playing Snakes & Ladders.

Our next visit was Hadimba Temple. It is one of the renowned temples in Manali and a must visit, specially for all Ranbir Kapoor fans (a scene in his movie Yeh jawani hai deewani was shot here). Once you step in the temple premises, you will find everyone holding a stick in their hand. Oldies holding a walking stick and the rest ‘selfie stick’. Here is when we escaped from this madness and entered a forest next to the temple.


As you take a look on the above picture, what do you have to say? Give it a thought and then proceed to read what it taught me.

Striving for heights is what these tall trees conveyed to me. When I say we must never be satisfied with life, doesn’t mean always being in a state of instability. We must never stop setting new goals, even after achieving the former ones. For an instance, an initial goal could be to be a doctor but once we attain that degree, we shouldn’t stop. We should set fresh goals until we reach the Top!

You will find beautiful cafes and bakeries in Manali serving amazing coffee. I along with my cousin visited a German bakery and spent one golden hour. While I read my book, she sketched. We shared this beautiful moment of creativity.

The last but not the least lesson I learnt was from Paragliding.


While some of you may say “Paragliding ko udna nahin, girna kehte hain!”, I beg to differ. It was altogether a different experience for me.

Flying in the sky for about 15 minutes is no joke and specially when you have to sign an ‘Indemnity order’ before taking off!

The moment my feet left the ground and I was in the sky, I could experience freedom. Freedom of letting go all those things that stop you in life. Paragliding taught me to be a free bird along with your values holding you tight (values here signifies the pilot in the picture, guiding your flight) and then, nobody can stop you. You will be on Top of the World and attain a level of peace which is free from materialism.

Haan, haan I am done. Okay, seriously zyada ho gaya kya? Meri maano toh ye free advice lelo, before I start charging GST on my services too!

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