The Runaway Bride

Everyone in the Khanna family was immensely happy, especially her parents. Every parent dreams of getting their daughter married one day and the day had finally arrived for the Khannas.

After rejecting many proposals and parents’ requests, Shruti, at last, said a ‘Yes’ to Karan Kapoor.

Both the families were rich Punjabi families and no-one could wait to witness ‘The Big Fat Punjabi Wedding’.

It was going to be a Destination wedding in Udaipur. All arrangements were done. Shopping was done. The much awaited bridal lehenga designed by Manish Malhotra was ready too. Shruti was the lucky one who got everything that any other girl would simply dream of! A wedding like this was a fairy tale for many.

However, something somewhere was not feeling right. She was unable to get that big smile on her face. Every night since the day she agreed to get married, she convinced herself to sleep, “Shruti, relax. You know that can’t happen. Mom Dad would never agree. And Karan is a great guy! You are going to be the Queen of Kapoor family.”

After the Bachelorette party was over, a night before the wedding, Shruti  told her parents that she wanted to spend some time alone in her room. She changed to her pyajamas, sat on the floor and opened her diary. The second last entry in her diary was a month before she got engaged. It read something like this, ” Too excited and nervous .. Gave my Pilot Assessment exam today. Let’s see what happens.. No, mom dad don’t know about it.. I wish they could understand how much I want to be a Pilot.. They think it’s not a good career choice for a girl and besides, I can’t continue after marriage even if I become one… Fingers crossed..” Her eyes welled up with tears even more after she read the last entry which had just one word “Passed” and a flying plane struck off next to it.

She stared the last diary entry for quite a while and turned to the dark sky outside her room’s window. The twinkling stars filled the sky with hope but Shruti knew the stars did not belong to her. Moments later, her eyes twinkled with the reflection of a shooting star. She closed her eyes and made a prayer.

The next morning finally arrived where a new chapter was about to begin for Shruti, regardless of the fact that she did not want it to arrive this soon. Her gloomy face was construed as nervousness by her family and they comforted her, “Relax beta, it’s all going to be fine.”

While there was chaos among the ladies, Shruti was getting ready in her dressing room. She looked gorgeous as a bride. Her dad came to see her and spoke with wet eyes ,” I am proud of you Sheru!” and hugged her. She smiled and murmured in her heart, ” I could have made you prouder than this Papa”. Her dad then left the room asking her to come soon.

Shruti was all ready and now alone in her room. She stood near the same window she stood last night while watching the stars.

As she was gazing the sky, it was suddenly filled with a screeching sound. The moment her eyes spotted the flying aeroplane, her heart skipped a beat.

She instantly listened to her inner voice which said, “Go!”.

And another moment, Shruti was gone to complete her fairy tale.

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