Don’t have a New Year’s Plan?

Are you one of those who doesn’t have any ‘Plan’ this year other than an active Internet Data Plan?

Raise your hands if you are lined up in the same queue as me before the doors to 2018 fly open. The queue that reads “Plans having No Plans”. Anyone? Come on guys, don’t shy away!

I see quite a few hands up, intuitively.

Like every year, a week before New Year (when the only thing that changes are the four digits) is actually a tough one. Stressful days where everyone is busy finding answers to the most important question – What are your New Year Plans? Plans, Plans and Plans everywhere!

What exactly are these Plans? What does one mean when their eyes glee with, “Dude I have my New Year plans all set. What about you?”. See, plans can mean only two things : Either a Trip or a Night out with whosoever you choose to be with on New Year’s eve. To put it in asaan bhaasha, a Plan basically is getting an answer to ‘Ghar se bahar kaise reh sakte hai?’ question (I like the guilty smiles! :)).

For all of us who half heartedly answered ‘Not really’ to ‘What plans do you have’, here’s three cheers for us! Hip hip hurray. Hip hip hurray. Hip hip hurray. To not have a plan, is in itself a Plan, Amigos!!

So what if you have been feeling oh-my-life-is-so-boring and not-so-happening all this while, it’s time to get up (not now, after you read this yaar), shake the dust off you and gear up with much zeal and excitement as you would have been in case you had an answer to that question.

As millennials, we don’t like to be told what to do but because of my helpless habit to baatoing gyaan whenever and wherever I can, here are a few sure shot hacks to give a kickass read carpet welcome to 2018 .

  1. Sit with faces you see daily but hardly talk to. Family, guys! A bonfire with your constants-for-life under the moonlight. What can be more fulfilling than celebrating arrival of another year with those who celebrated your arrival on this planet? Turn off the Internet and you would realize these are surely good people 🙂
  2. Binge watch your favourite TV series or the movie which can never disappoint you.  Grab a bowl of munchies, roll yourself in a warm blanket and let the last day of the year sail away.
  3. Pick an unfinished book and finish it before the air surrounding you fills with hooting and sparkling skies. Give 2017 a bookish farewell.
  4. How can you not miss the award/entertainment shows that are aired on TV every 31st Dec specially for people with ‘no plans’ like us. Pick a corner, grab peanuts and become a couch potato.
  5. Clean your room/house or give it a makeover. Google DIY (Do it Yourself) ideas and add a little life to your nest.
  6. If nothing works, S-l-e-e-p. Nothing can be more hatke than sleeping on New year’s eve and waking up like a king in the New Year.

Before I sign off, here’s a sincere hatke request to help spread comforting smiles around – Before you click on ‘Forward’ on the Whatsapp wishes that you would receive, stop right away! There is no wish powerful than the one that comes Dil Se. Click on New Message, type in what you wish for the recipient or a simple Happy New Year for that matter and then shoot it out to A-Z contacts in your phone. Trust me, the Feel-Good factor will brighten up your first day of the New Year.

My wishes for each one of you Dil Se – May you and your family be blessed with a year that sparkles with peace, happiness, prosperity and new possibilities. Cheers!

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