Things I wish I knew before stepping in my 20s

Stepping in the third decade is a major turning point in everyone’s life. Every decision, big or small, can mould our life to a large extent. It’s a defining phase where we are all set to begin this new journey with close to zero experience.

As I sit back and wonder on how I survived my early 20s, I invite you to travel back in time and think of the things you wish you had told your younger self.

Here’s some of what I wish my 20-year-old self knew :

  1. Those who stand by you in your good won’t necessarily stand by you in your bad- As teenagers, our world is made up of friends, emotions, promises etc. which have a substantial influence on us and the way we operate. Once you step into the bigger world, the meanings will refine (if not change) . Don’t hold on to toxic ones for too long. LET THEM GO.
  2. The one place you can walk upto regardless of time or season will be FAMILY – If there is anything too much underrated, then it is the love of Family. Your heart will break, you will lose your friends, you will fail an exam, you will lose a job but if there is someone who will still (and always) have your back will be your Family. Walk upto them and let them know you love them too.
  3. Forever is as good as Fantasy – As you move in life, you will realize that the word ‘Forever’ is nothing but something that literally takes forever to be real. We often label our relationships to be the ones with no expiry date but the fact remains that if there is anything constant, then it’s Change. You will pass out from school, you will change places, you will change jobs, you will make new friends and so on. Not every forever comes to a still but if some do, ACCEPT it with open arms.
  4. You will Fail and it’s OKAY to Fail – If you are a Top scorer (or “Padhaku”) since school and are accustomed to winning by now, hold on until life kicks you in your ass. It will one day or the other. So when you fail, thank God because unless you embrace failure and taste the shit, you will never truly be able to celebrate success. Be ready to Learn.
  5. No one can love you and lift you more than you – Loving and connecting with yourself is as imperative as breathing. Your loved ones cannot live your life, for you. Amidst all the hustle bustle that you’ll have, find out time for yourself. Go for a movie, go for shopping, share a cup of coffee, unwind with the best company that you have – YOU.

Even though we wish our younger selves were a bit wiser, there’s no denying the fact that nothing beats experiences. Experiences are great teachers and that is what sums up this funny thing called Life 🙂

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