Are they happy online or offline?

Before you spam this post, let me tell you it has no intentions to declare any of us as someone having a mental disorder just because either we take too many selfies or we are too active on social media (as scientific reports say). This is just a gentle nudge to remind us something that can add a bit of cheeni to our otherwise cheeni-kum lives (Bad joke,eh?).

I recently read a post by Robin Sharma – “Be not hypnotized by the online lives being presented to you. Some of the most unhappy people show you the selfie life they wish they were living rather than the one of their daily reality….”(and so on). This actually got me thinking and here I am again zabardasti stealing your time and a few kilobytes off your data plan but you can rest assured, you won’t go empty handed.

Come on, nod your heads if viewing others’ selfies or pictures with wide-st smiles and perfect pouts has sometimes made you feel worse about your life?

Even if you don’t nod, there ought to be many nods unless you happen to be someone who is above all these moh mayas.

‘I wish I was as photogenic as her’, ‘I wish I could travel to places just like him’, ‘I wish I was this slim’, ‘I wish…’ and ‘I wish..’ Phew!

Have we ever wondered the damage we do to ourselves by inviting these thoughts and letting them stay for a very very long time? Socho Socho.

By allowing such thoughts to rent space in our mind, we unknowingly rust our self esteem and lower our spirits towards life to unimaginable extents. Not only this but it shoots up our desperation to be liked ‘back’ and get over a 100 likes on our photos because Hey! Getting over a 100 likes means My life is a success and failing to make good numbers on our statuses means Damn! My popularity level is sliding.

Isn’t it?

Guys, we really got to break the ice and go beyond what is being displayed. Find out if the ones who often post yay-my-life-is-perfect kinda pictures online do have the same story offline ? The answer might be a No majorly.

We all know that we post pictures ‘only’ when we look simply amazing or while we are in the best of our spirits. But the twist comes when others’ better pictures leave us thinking that’s the actual 24/7 reality of their lives.

See, you never know how heartbroken a happy picture is or how teary-eyed a candid might be! Because what appears to be, is not what it actually is.

Deleting the apps off our devices or deactivating our accounts is definitely not a wise plan. So the best bet could be to simply acknowledge that online lives are just legitimate people putting forward the best version of themselves and that isn’t necessarily the accurate reality of their lives.

Ab Salman Khan ko hi dekh lo. Kitna bhi glamour kyun na ho, par….

Always Remember – No matter how happy one is online but each one is struggling their own battles offline and once you understand this, you might just find your battle easier 🙂

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