Disconnect to Connect

Sounds Insane? How can someone disconnect to connect? Dekho, Insane toh hai.

Chalo aaj kuch insane karte hai aur sochte bhi hai.

To start with, let me share a personal experience. I have been using shuttle service for quite some time now to commute from home to workplace to and fro. I am all by myself and hence get time to stay quite and observe or may be take a nap. During this routinely affair, one day I eavesdropped a co-passenger’s telephonic conversation who was not happy with his job even though his current job was what he always wanted. Still something felt missing to him. Similar was with another lady who was trying to console her friend who looked upset because she wasn’t happy in her some 5 year long relationship.. AND I took a deep breath.

Sawaal ye hai ki if some day, out of nowhere a genie comes and grants all our wishes, will we be happy and contented ? I reckon No.

But why? Even after owning latest smartphones, doing full-time jobs, having friends and family, there is something always missing. Haina?

Agar dhyan se socho toh no one can be unhappy because of external elements (leaving aside the uncontrollable ones) because we have been trained since birth to strive for what makes us happy. So, lets say, if you are in a unhappy relationship, you will eventually call it off. If you are not happy with your job, you will start searching for a new one. If you are not happy with Samsung, you will switch to Apple and so on. Hence, no matter what, we try our best to have our external ambience nearly-perfect.

Toh ye toh pukka hai ki locha bahar toh nahin hai. Ho sakta hai ye chemical locha humare andar ho? Kabhi socha hai?

Nahin socha hoga and you know why? Because the moment we are asked to peep inside, we find it easier to turn our faces away. Pata bhi hai khud se baat karna kitna mushkil hai? How can we suddenly talk to someone we have been ignoring for years now? Fair enough.

Toh kya karein jisse vo khoyi hasi wapas aa jaye? Kya karein jisse baal thodi der se ho safed? Kya karein jisse zindagi ho jaye kuch asaan?

Saari mushkilon ka ek hi hal – Kuch waqt ke liye, bahar ki duniya se karen disconnect aur khud se connect. Mushkil hai par na-mumkin nahin.

Presenting handful daily hacks for beginners (not heavy ones like meditation and yoga) that can catalyse the process of connecting with yourself and widen your smile a few more inches.

  • Take yourself for a walk : Reread – yourself (earphones). You don’t have to start talking to yourself and look a psychopath. Simply observe the trees, flowers, birds around you and be a part of nature. Benefit – You will feel lighter and your problems will seem less burdensome.
  • Put earphones down while you travel : For a day or two, try putting them down and notice the route you take. Benefit – You will be amazed to note how views change with every 100 metres and who knows, you might find some really cool restaurants and eating joints.
  • Read Books : Reread – book (facebook). Pick a genre you like and replace it with using social media right before you sleep. Benefit – Unbeatable sound sleep.
  • Book a movie ticket : Reread – a (two). Who said movies were not meant to be watched alone? Benefit – You will get a chance to know yourself. And if you still feel lonely, then it means you are in bad company!
  • Disconnect from your phone : You don’t have to be available every single minute and feel great about constant texts and plans. Benefit – You will get comfortable with yourself and save yourself the pain of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

Spending time and knowing yourself is never a bad idea. People often confuse solitude with loneliness, probably because they have never experienced the freedom hidden in it. The more you understand who you are, the better choices you are likely to make and the happier you are likely to be.

I hereby urge you to give yourself a chance. A chance to learn about yourself and figure out what makes your cells dance. A chance to Disconnect…err…Connect 🙂

Write in to neha_29g@yahoo.com . Follow Connecting Self for more.


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