Are you ready with your Resolutions?

“Ek aur saal gaya. Pata hi nahin chala. By the way, hum har saal yehi kehte hai” is the New Year song sung by most of us every year.

We all have different plans on 31st Dec varying from partying the night away, sleeping, watching an award show or crying over having no plans. But the one thing common to all of us on the first morning of the New year is – Resolutions. Some of us will set them and some will not because Come on! Poore toh hote nahin hai.

Setting up resolutions or goals is not a bad idea though. At least, they make us aware of the areas in our life that need immediate attention and action. But because seldom are they achieved, we consider it wise to not indulge in such disappointing exercise every year. I am as guilty as charged as you are.

Hear me out – The most probable reason why our goals fail is due to the fact that they are either unrealistic or undefined. How are we supposed to reach a place we don’t know?

To save you from yet another disappointment, here I am at your service. Before the year closes and our batteries recharge, why not give a moment to re-consider our resolutions and make them more realistic? The batteries will run longer.

So if your goals revolve around any of the below, R.E.T.H.I.N.K. You may also like to consider the suggestive alternatives instead.

  • Meet good people : If you are all set to meet ‘nicer and better’ people, take a U-turn right away! As sad it may get, let’s face it. Log har jagah ek jaise hote hai because the world is how we look at it. Alternative : Seek Clarity. The clarity to identify your well wishers while embracing diversity.
  • Lesser problems : Did you know the synonym for Life is Problem? Fact hai. No matter how hard you work towards solving problems hoping to reduce it’s quantum, the goal of having lesser problems will always be far-fetched. Alternative : Seek Power. The power to untangle any mess, come what may.
  • Less challenging workplace : Ye toh ho hi nahin sakta. The pace at which innovation and artificial intelligence is progressing today, far are not the days when human existence would be questionable. Alternative : Seek Boldness. The boldness to take risks and step out of your comfort zone as fast as possible. This will help you train yourself to remain ‘relevant’ in the market before you get doomed by Chitti, the Robot.
  • Easy relationships : If you are desirous of having steady and friction-less relationships with your loved ones, this is to bring to your notice that there is guaranteed disappointment. Inconvenience is deeply regretted. Would you want to spend life with someone who is an exact copy of you? I can see the heads shaking. Alternative : Seek Patience. The patience to sit back, understand and fix things than throw the person away.

Besides those mentioned above, one goal we must and must add to our 2019 list and follow religiously – “Love and Accept Yourself“.  In the era of social media aka validation media, this is the only key to survival, my friend. Yeh mantra yaad karlo, bahut kaam ane wala hai.


  1. Dear Neha,
    I have read your post on new year.I must say you have excellent command over the English language.Your post was free of grammatical mistakes which is a rarity amongst young ones.
    Now the content ,the post was top class.It is hard to beileve someone so young to have so much clarity of thoughts.Please keep sending your all future posts to me without fail.

    Liked by 1 person

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