Things we wish our Schools taught us

The very first institution where we begin our learning(s) is school and this makes it all the more critical to have a system which covers not just education but even beyond.

I have been meaning to write something in this zone since long but somehow fell short of words.

Before you proceed, let me caution you : This post is NOT suitable for weak-hearted and has no connection with humour, whatsoever. Hence, watch your step!

As we grow up or to say move on with life, we wish we knew a few things (at least) well in advance before Life happened, quite literally. We wish schools taught us something more than the academic space in our early years instead of us learning it all the hard way.

As I sit back and write this today, my list too has a few things I wish I was taught back in school. Stating below, in no particular order, are some I can safely share.
+(s) indicate the extras we would have earned, had we known these before.

  • Take a stand for what you believe in : We would have been much better drivers of our lives had we been taught that it’s okay to take a stand for yourself, it’s okay to do what was not considered a ‘norm’ as long as, I repeat (pause) as long as it syncs with our conscience and that’s what we truly believe in.
    + More contentment within and without. You Bet?
  • Respect is earned with actions and not age : With no offences, the idea behind this is that age isn’t a prerequisite or a key to gain respect. Don’t you see many youngsters respected by elders on one hand and also many elders not respected by youngsters on the other ? Why ? Simply because their (elders’) actions were out of line or to say – respect wasn’t two way.
    Had we been taught the importance of earning respect irrespective of our age, we would have been in better control of our actions.
    + Developed virtues and a life with high moral standards.
  • Be bold : ‘willingness to take risks and act innovatively; confidence or courage’, ‘the quality of having a strong, vivid or clear appearance’ is what Google defines boldness and not aggressiveness or arrogance as. We often confuse these as one-and-the-same.
    Had we been taught that being bold is a sign of strength and not weakness, we would have been fearless in doing what was needed to realize our dreams.
    + Wear confidence on our sleeves and wouldn’t be spending bucks on anti-ageing creams.
  • Don’t be a ‘Yes’ person : ‘Yes’ people are the greatest sufferers because of the unrealistic expectations they set for the people they love, just to become brand ambassadors of obedience! Let’s face it – Life hits very hard when these people step out and find themselves lost in the crowd. We wish we were taught that it’s okay to have a different opinion and saying it out loud would not make us a bad kid on the block!
    + Stronger personality with opinions being valued in a world beyond their shells (PS : A ‘yes’ person’s opinions are rarely valued for obvious reasons).
  • It’s okay to not be okay : Had we been taught to accept and acknowledge a state of mind when we feel not-so-good, there wouldn’t have been a need to raise awareness around importance of mental health today. But only if we knew this earlier…
    + Better manager of our emotions and lesser demand for psychiatrists.
  • Love and not pity oneself : ‘To love others you must love yourself.. You can only give to others what you have yourself.’
    Had we been taught early on the distinction between loving and pitying oneself, we would have victimized ourselves lesser and our volcanoes would have erupted even lesser.
    + Not take the escape route by blaming oneself but by owning the problems.

… and so on.

They say we can operate at our full potential only when we are not deficient within. If we are only living to fill what we lack, are we even really living?

Kaafi heavy dose? I know for I am still recovering.
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