In the loving memory of…..My Guru

Those who know me would have known this post was coming.

Few days back, an old friend calls me and we end up at a pizzeria. While we eat, we go back to the times where we studied together and were taught by someone who is not less than a Guru for us.

As we fiddle with nostalgia, we recall how long it had been since we met him. And the very next moment, we were already walking towards his home with unfinished pizza slices in hand.

The next bit was something like this – We push the door, take our first step and greet his sister (who knew us) . Hurriedly we ask, “Where is sir? We are here to meet him.”


At an unimaginable speed, the Earth spinned and slipped off our feet.

It had been almost two months since he departed for his heavenly abode.
As soon as these words reached my ears, they took a part of ‘Me’ and while I write this, I feel nothing less than a void.

Someone with utter simplicity, he was different or may be that’s how a Guru is. He did not catch fishes but taught how to catch them instead.
He did not teach Maths or Science but a way of life. He not just passed on his education but all that he knew.

I still fondly remember how he treated us with pastries and sweets on his birthday and each time we scored well in exams ( Imagine a sixty-something aged teacher specially going to the market to buy these before our class began).

Maths being my living fear, I could have never scored a 95+ if it weren’t for him. He was one of the very few people who believed in me and point-blank knew ‘I can and I will’.

The last I spoke to him was on New Year’s this year. Told him I would be seeing him that evening around 7 pm.
Something came up and we didn’t meet. Something kept coming up and we still didn’t meet until we couldn’t, no matter how hard we tried now.

It’s ironic I never thanked him as much as I wanted to now. Right now.
In a snap of fingers, it has all gone forever.

As I feel overwhelmed and gather myself , I realize his power was education.

There couldn’t be a better way to thank him than by passing on the legacy. By upholding the value of education high just as he did.

… Thank you Sir

I don’t think I will ever be able to express my gratitude…but will surely continue making you proud…

– (one of your favourite students)

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