I write this with a very heavy and saddened heart.

Tried much to abstain but then I was reminded of the power words carry with them.
I have never been this candid on my blogs but with a hope that the intended message reaches, I consider this worth an attempt.
Having mostly tried to keep the posts light, this time I am putting forth some questions whose answers we must find before it’s too late.
Allow me.

Lives were completely different before. Our mindsets were different. We were different.

With social media all around us and with an immense grip over our lives, we get to see news, photos, videos, messages on various issues and then we form our opinions.

In the current war-like situation, we see our social feeds letting us know about how people are still continuing to gather in large numbers as if there is no stopping, how people are stooping to levels where religions and faiths are being made fun of, where they are being used as a shield to defend the heinous actions. And taking to just another level where people are pelting stones on doctors and police (Believe you me, I have goosebumps as I write this).

Pardon me but it is disturbing to find everything on the internet and not answers to some very important questions. And let me tell you, a distressed mind entwined with unanswered questions is a dangerous mind. That’s the state we sadly are in.

Have we forgotten that we are Indians, citizens of a nation where we uphold our values and we come from a land of sages and gurus ? Have we made ourselves distant to our culture we were once proud of?
Let’s face it – We have become so selfish and self-centered that there is absolutely no space for spirituality (Err..spirituality does not mean being old-school or Godly. Google says it as being concerned with the human spirit or soul).

Are we not able to see and experience that our value system is disrupting at an unimaginable speed? The posts we see floating around on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and every other social media app are nothing less than ‘demeaning’.
We have lost the sense of what’s humane and inhumane. And who is to blame? We make a society and We make a nation.

I see us giving benefit-of-doubt to those less privileged when it comes to education. We understand the gap but what about the rest who have been blessed enough to undergo formal school education? Do we see any edge in their expression over the ones less privileged?
Unfortunately, I have come to terms with the fact that education can never ever truly define us. Our values however can. Our intelligence however can. The way we use and apply our education however can.
Trust me if you may, the world won’t end with bombs or pandemics but with each human using his intelligence against himself.

I know it’s super convenient for each one of us (including me and I am guilty as charged) to be sitting back and writing, sharing, talking and expressing views on what’s right and what’s not.
It’s comfortable to give historic judgements on how the central and state governments are failing, how doctors are failing, how police force is forcing themselves upon us, how health sector is way beyond average, how policies and announcements are not working and so on. It’s the 21st century afterall. We have voices and they deserve to be heard!

But there are few things we must not forget.

We are hardly able to pass twenty four hours, constantly fail at entertaining ourselves, make memes on how lockdown with a family is like a Big Boss episode but we expect “OUR” government, administration and all those involved sectors to manage more than a billion people country in more than an ideal way.

You tell me a single country that is perfectly handling the current situation and that too against an enemy unknown?

In testing times like these, we have lost a complete sense of unity. Are we even cheering for our fellow countrymen who are working days and nights just to protect the very essence of humanity, to protect us and our nation? And mind you, by risking their own damn lives. Yes.

There is no doubt that we all will have a ‘Life After’ once the turbulence settles and which will change us drastically.

While we all pray normalcy, we have to make an effort to be aware and mindful. Mindful to not be carried away with views or opinions that disrupt our thought process, our virtues and our principles. Mindful to not let political beliefs come in our way of being generous and grateful towards one another.

Remember : Even this will pass. We will come out stronger and better but only if there’s a ‘WE’.


Yours Truly,
An Indian passport holder who is heartbroken to see it’s nation falling apart

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